For Daisy

Every hoop has a story. These daisies will be hung in a hospital room looking over a beautiful, loving, young soul who suddenly fell victim to Locked-In Syndrome. This was an emotional piece to complete, but I’m so grateful to have been asked to be a part of creating this piece for “Daisy”.

The Blue Stove

Ol’ Blue! I loved every second of making this piece for the home of the best homemade pies and most friendly neighbors. If you haven’t been to The Blue Stove, you’re missing out on some serious goodness (from the food and the people). 💙

Album Art for Tom

Embroider precisely placed, gradient circles for an enthusiastic fan? Absolutely! I’ll accept a challenge and work out the production details later. 

Fluttering Love

Lindsay and her sister share a love for butterflies and the subtleties of nature. This translucent butterfly design was so fun to experiment with and became an unforgettable Birthday gift from one best friend for life to another. 

Greenpoint Will Miss You

You can take yourself out of Brooklyn but you can’t take Brooklyn out of you. There’s no better gift for someone heading off on a new adventure than a small piece of home to take with them. 

Theo Turns One

When your child turns ONE, you get photos taken of those chubby rolls. When your fur child turns ONE, you get a hand stitched embroidery made to keep them a kitten thread form (they grow up so fast).


Want to request a custom embroidery?

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Thank you!

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