This ultrasound was created as an edition to the parents’ existing remembrance collage of their child. The amount of strength and trust it takes to share these experiences is inspiring, and it makes the job of creating a beautiful piece so meaningful.


When her twin sister became pregnant, Chelsea knew she wanted a unique and special gift to surprise her with. They were so grateful to have this memory to hang in their baby’s room.


The desire to have something to cherish those pregnancy days continues long after your pregnancy. A hand stitched ultrasound isn’t just a beautiful shower gift, but is a great gift even long after baby arrives. You will never forget that moment in time when you were one, and having an embroidered piece to look at will always take you back.


People often reach out requesting a hand stitched ultrasound in remembrance of a child that’s passed. The embroideries will last longer than the printed ultrasound photos, and are so incredibly special to create.


This one was a breath of fresh air, with its unique frontal view and it being the father’s favorite ultrasound photo. I mean, look at this babe, already so stoked and ready for this party called life!


A hand stitched version of your little babe is the perfect reminder of what you’ve been through together. It may have been tough, but you and those little ribs made it through together.


About custom ultrasounds

5” custom ultrasounds are hand-stitched on black linen fabric and your choice of a natural or hand-stained wooden hoop.

How much do they cost?

Ultrasounds are $250 plus shipping costs and come with a complimentary mini 6.25” easel for display (natural or stained to match your hoop). Cost is for singular babe/hoop.

How to order?

To request a custom ultrasound, please fill out the form on my contact page (link below). Once I have your request, I will ask you to provide good quality 2D ultrasound images that you're thinking about using for the embroidery. We will also determine whether you would like it on a natural or stained hoop.

Once everything is agreed on, a private custom order listing will be created specifically for you in my Etsy shop for you to officially purchase.

Please note

Ultrasound embroideries generally have a 6 (six) to 8 (eight) week turnaround as I work on multiple at a time. However, I will always try to get them out to you as soon as possible, especially if scheduling allows for expedited production!

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